CORRUPTION'S the gift this birthday legend gets after SHAHADAT and freedom!!!!
Posted October 1st, 2013
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"किये थे काम हमने भी जो कुछ भी हमसे बन पाये,ये बातें तब की हैं आज़ाद थे और था शबाब अपना;मगर अब तो जो कुछ भी हैं उम्मीदें बस वो तुमसे हैं,जबाँ तुम हो लबे-बाम आ चुका है आफताब अपना."


In a letter written to his beloved mother, sisters and nephews he writes: "We too had done some of the works which we could, but those were the days, we had the glamour on face and strength in the chest. But now is the hope only hope from you, you are now grown up and we are at the verge of setting like a sun in the west." 



Ashfaqulla Khan (Ashfaq Ulla Khan)  (22 October 1900 – 19 December 1927) was a freedom fighter in the Indian independence movement who had given away his life along with Ram Prasad Bismil. Bismil and Ashfaq, both were good friends and Urdu poets (Shayar). Bismil was the pen name or Takhallus of Ram Prasad whereas Ashfaq used to write poetry with the pen name of 'Hasrat'. Both were hanged on the same day, date and time but in different jails.


Ashfaqulla Khan was the first Muslim who was hanged in a Conspiracy against British Raj from India.


In 1922, when Non-cooperation movement started and Bismil organised meetings in Shahjahanpur to tell the public about the movement, Ashfaq ullah met him in a public meeting and introduced himself as a younger brother of his class mate. 


Ashfaq often wrote something and showed it to Bismil who immediately corrected or improved the same. Thus a very good poetic alignment between Ashfaq and Bismil developed and it was so familiar that whosoever listened to them in any of the poetic conferences called Mushaira in Urdu language was overwhelmed with surprise.


 Ashfaq felt that India should become free as soon as possible and so he decided to join the revolutionaries and also win the friendship of Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil, a famous revolutionary of Shahjahanpur.


Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil, an active member of Arya Samaj, Shahjahanpur was eager to explain the greatness of the Hindu religion to those belonging to other religions, although he never bore in mind any prejudice against any religious community. This was the only reason behind it that won the heart of Ashfaq and he became a confident friend of Bismil. Although Ashfaq was a devoutMuslim yet both of them had the common objective of a free and united India. They sacrificed their lives on the same day of 19 December 1927 as martyrs for India, but in different jails of Faizabad and Gorakhpur.


Few words of English are reproduced hereunder from his diary:

  • Patrotism brings with him all sort of troubles and pains, but a man who chooses it,all the troubles and pains become comforts and ease for him. That is why we remain cheerful up to our aim.

  • Only for the love of our country I suffer so much.

  • There is no dream, and if there is,there is only one to see you my children struggling for the same and for which I am expected to be finished.

  • Brothers and friends will weep after me but I am weeping over their coldness and infidelity towards our motherland.

  • Weep not children, weep not elders; I am immortal ! I am immortal !!


Let's just think for a while, how would we feel if something's not cared for, for which we die;SACRIFICE OUR LIVES!!!!

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