And creative icon proved his mettle after his demise as well !!!
Posted December 30th, 2013
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This one's especially for people aspiring to get into creative fields !!!! All the best; Taniya, Swaroop and Tanmayi !!!!!


Modernist painter VS Gaitonde set a world record for modern Indian art when his abstract landscape fetched Rs. 23.7 crore (USD 3.7 million) at Christie's first auction in India, that raised over Rs. 96 crores doubling pre-sale estimates.Gaitonde's untitled oil-on canvas golden yellow coloured landscape painted in 1979 and bearing his signature in Hindi went to a private collector from the US who placed the bid over telephone. The reserve price of the artwork had been pegged at Rs. 8.5 crore.


Gaitonde was born in 1924, in NagpurMaharastra, to Goan parents. He completed his art diploma at the J. J. School of Art, Bombay in 1948. In 1947, and with another international reputed painter from Goa, Francis Newton Sousa, along with other artist friends, he founded the 'Progressive Artist Group', with a broad awareness to break away from the past, from a manner oppressively weighed down by colonial academism and cliched Indianess, to pave the way for an international idiom. This movement put into perspective modern Indian art, setting the pace for today's vibrant art environment in the country. V. S. Gaitonde was thefirst Indian contemporary painter whose work was sold for Rs. 92 lakhs at the Osians art auction.


Vasudev S. Gaitonde was regarded as one of the most finest and cloistered abstract painter of India. Vasudev Gaitonde was born in 1924 and had received his diploma from the J. J. School of Art in Mumbai in 1948. Impressed by his work, Vasudev was invited to join the Progressive Artists Group of Bombay. He actively participated in the activities of the group. He had several exhibitions held in India as well as in foreign countries. In 1956, he participated in the Indian art exhibition, which was held in Eastern European countries. 


He also participated in other group exhibitions held at the Graham Art Gallery, New York, in 1959 and 1963. Gaitonde's abstract works are produced in many Indian and overseas collections including the Museum of Modern Art, New York. In 1957, he was awarded the first prize at the Young Asian Artists Exhibition, Tokyo and the Rockefeller Fellowship followed in 1964. In 1971, he was awarded the Padma Shri i.e. the highest award for creative excellence given by the Government of India.


Gaitonde experimented hugely with form and shape in his works. His wraithlike and multifarious paintings invoke a concealed and obscure description of the real world, however Gaitonde highly disregarded the title of 'abstractionist' labeled on him. 


Vasudev had a profound influence of Zen philosophy and ancients calligraphy on him. In the midst of his art work, one could notice the control and the conglomerated structure finely depicted. Gaitonde preferred to enjoy a slow and a meticulous painting process unlike his contemporaries that is why he produced only a few finished works. Gaitonde's use of symbolic element and very few ground lines made his work appear like a flowing river. Gaitonde's work reminds of artists like Paul Klee and Joan Miró, whom he had studied during his college days.


Gaitonde's captivating visions, enchanted a viewer to extol this remarkable pronouncement, and many more in this verve by people touched, by the intensity of his poignant images. Infinite in their immense deliberations and binding spirit. He, with undoubted conviction one of India's most profound and evocative artists, who established his eminent presence and impressed his empyrean vision into the canons of contemp

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