Posted November 1st, 2013
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If you think google is fascinating; this toddler is indian mere clue of our intellect. Due to advancement and deep academic studies where it is difficult to keep track of our academia; this wiz kid understands about not only one but several aspects of Politics, Economy, Geography and others (domestic as well as international aspect) to a substantial extent. The amazing and stunning thing is that this boy is just 5 years and eight moths old.


Kautilya Pandit (born 24 December 2007) is from Kohand village of Karnal district, Haryana, India. At the age of five years and eight months, Kautilya Pandit can recite facts about world geography, per capita income, gross domestic product, politics, SAP,economy, and answers questions on various topics.


Kautilya, who has two older siblings Mridual (9) and Deeksha (7), obviously works on his genius. Kautilya's father: Satish Sharma, Kautilya's Grand Father: Jai Krishan Sharma, School: SD Harit Modern School.


Kautilya Pandit's extraordinary powers of grasping and recalling various tutored facts have attracted psychology experts of Kurukshetra University to investigate his learning capabilities. He may have an intelligence quotient (IQ) of around 130 points, an excellent and extremely rare in his age group. Our tests will determine his memory quality," said Prof CR Darolia, chairman, KU's department of psychology. Kautilya loves to dance and he also likes to write poem, articles and is an amazing dancer. With an enviable knowledge of 213 countriestheir population, GDP, source of income, currency, religion, culture and heritage, the Class I student has an IQ of 150 -- which psychologists say is the same as that of Albert Einstein.


Kautilya - who has been nicknamed ‘mini encyclopaedia’ - loves science and is very inquisitive and has a question on just about everything.  Ask him about his ambition and pat comes the reply, “I want to be an IAS officer... no, a scientist... an astronaut...” he says before finally declaring, “I will first study and then decide.” he draws inspiration from his grandfather who is his “best friend”. “I don’t have friends in my class, my grandfather is my best friend”.


Kautilya has memorized the whole of atlas which his teacher gave him to learn, when teacher asked about the content she got amazed to know that he has memorized each and every bit of atlas with correct data. Kautilya can tell you the GDP, per-capita income, geographical boundaries in any order, space, politics and anything you ask about the subject.


He also wishes to grow a pig-tail like Chanakya soon.Kautilya’s grandfather Jaikishan Sharma . Jaikishan is alsogetting a number of congratulatory phone calls from far-flung areas like USA and UK these days. For his exceptional intelligence quotient (IQ) and memory, Kautilya was recently awarded Rs 10 lakh by the Haryana government. 


 After school he diligently sits down to read for an hour. His "best friend", he says, is his grandfather, JK Sharma, a retired teacher. "For a few months, I used to wake up at 4am to go for a walk with my grandfather and discuss my studies with him but these days, I get up at 6am," says Kautilya.

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