NEED A HUG ? TODAY'S the day !!! Spread kindness....spare a hug !!!
Posted November 1st, 2013
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World Kindness Day is to highlight the Good in the community focussing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness which binds us. Kindness is a fundamental part of the human condition which bridges the divides of race religion, politics, gender and zip codes.


World Kindness Day is 13 November. It was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement a coalition of nations kindness NGOs.


It is observed in many countries, including Canada, Japan, Australia, Nigeria and United Arab Emirates. In 2009, Singapore observed the day for the first time. Italy and India also observed the day. In the UK it is fronted by Louise Burfitt-Dons who co-founded Kindness Day UK.


In 2012 At the request of the Chairman of World Kindness Australia, World Kindness Day was placed on the Federal School Calendar and the then Minister of School Education, Early Childhood, and Youth The Hon Peter Garrett, provided a Declaration of Support for World Kindness Australia and placed World Kindness Day on the National School Calendar for over 9000 schools.


Schools across the globe are now celebrating World Kindness Day and work with local NGOs such as the Be Kind People Project and Life Vest Inside in the USA. In 2012 Australia Her Excellency Prof Marie Bashir Governor of NSW hosted an event for the first time at Government House to celebrate World kindness Day and accepted a Cool To Be Kind Award from year 3 & 4 students. Australian Councils representing over 1.3 million residents have also signed Declarations of Support for World Kindness Australia placing World Kindness Day on the Council Calendar of Events.


Events include THE BIG HUG, handing out Kindness Cards, Global Flashmob, which was coordinated by Orly Wahba from USA which was held in 15 countries and 33 cities with its images of the event making the big screens in New York City. Canada celebrates with The Kindness Concertand in Singapore in 2009, 45,000 yellowflowers were given away.


Kindness Cards are also an ongoing activity which can either be passed on to recognise an act of kindness and or ask that an act of kindness be done. Approaches are being made to the United Nations by the peak global body, The World Kindness Movement to have World Kindness Day officially recognised and its members unanimously sign a Declaration of Support for World Kindness.


Lets also wish the miss India 1984 winner, actor, producer, a trained kathak dancer, a classical singer with contageous smile JUHI CAHWLA on her on her 47th birthday. The question is whther she' really 47; she appears to be merely in her 30s, VIAVCIOUS her.(P.S. : debut movie - Sultanat, 1986)

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