He invented a new way to shave and claimed to have a better improved sharpner
Posted July 3rd, 2015
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Col. Jacob Schick (September 16, 1877 - July 3, 1937) was an American inventor and entrepreneur who patented the first electric razor and started the Schick Dry Shaver, Inc. razor company. Schick became a Canadian citizen in 1935 to avoid an investigation by the Joint Congressional Committee on Tax Evasion & Avoidance after he moved most of his wealth to a series of holding companies in the Bahamas.

Schick was born in Ottumwa, Iowa. At the early age of 16, Schick was in charge of a railroad line that ran from Los Corrillos, New Mexico to a coal mine opened by his father. Schick enlisted in the 14th Infantry Regiment in 1898 and was shortly thereafter assigned to the Philippines in the 1st Division 8th Army Corps. He returned to the Philippines from 1903-1905 as a 2nd Lieutenant with the 8th Infantry Regiment. He returned to the U.S. suffering from dysentery, where one version of the invention story claims he conceived of the idea of an electric razor. He was promoted to first Lieutenant and was transferred to the 22nd Infantry Regiment in Alaska a year later, where he helped to lay telegraph lines for the military. He officially retired from the military in 1910, but returned to duty from 1916-1918 as a Captain (eventually promoted to Lt. Colonel) which was due to the outbreak of World War I.
Jacob Schick's first business venture, the Magazine Repeating Razor Co. (Founded 1925) sold a razor with injection cartridge blades designed much like a repeating rifle, where the blades were sold in clips that could be loaded into the razor without touching the blade. This business provided the necessary capital to develop his electric razor concept when he sold it to the American Chain & Cable Company in 1928.
Successfully patented first electric razor in November, 1923. Also patented the General Jacobs Boat for use in shallow water, and an improved pencil sharpener.


Jacob schick

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