ALL MOBILE USERS!!!!! Thank this damsel for having made your life made easy!!!!
Posted October 1st, 2013
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Girls and gadgets don't go hand in hand you must be thinking ........ But this lass has stunned the world at the age of 18.


She invented a  a super-capacitor device that could potentially charge your cellphone in less than 20 seconds.


Eesha Khare, an 18-year-old graduate of Lynbrook High School in California was the runner up at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair held in Phoenix on May 17, 2013 where 1,600 other finalists from more than 70 countries participated.


She invented a supercapacitor to replace conventional batteries in portable electronics, that charges faster and lasts for more charging cycles, under the supervision of Dr. Yat Li at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, Santa Cruz.


The electrochemical supercapacitor prototype Khare demonstrated can be fully charged within 20 seconds. Her technology is expected to bescalable to power cell phones and even cars, with similar performance. Moreover, it holds the charge longer than other devices. Khare's invention won her $50,000 in prize money at the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award held in Phoenix, Arizona. She held her specialization in Nanochemistry responsible behind the invention. Afterwards, she got the attention of Google and other technological giants.


And yet, Eesha wants to go to harward and finish her college. Amusing, isn't it ????


For brief technical detail, please go to this link:


You can also find her on wikipedia and facebook.



Eesha's ParentsEesha's Parents


Let's also remember Mr. Jomo Kenyatta, 1st kenyan president, a London school of Economis graduate, on Kenyatta day(20 October). Link:


And last yet a crucial is World Osteoporosis day as well, stay healthy stay strong and spread the word.




Till tomorrow, enjoy the sunday and keep charging!!!!


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