Rashtriya Military Schools Belgaum

Rashtriya Military School, Belgaum is one of five military schools in India. Entrance tests for the military schools are held each year in December. About 70,000 to 80,000 students attend this test and around 350 students are selected. The schools are run by the Ministry Of Defence Indian government. The school was founded in 1945 at Belgaum, in the then Bombay province. It was then called King George the VI Royal Indian Military College. This was the fourth such institution set up in the country. The other three were at Jhelum, Jullandhar, and Ajmer. Admissions to the school were restricted to the sons of JCOs and ORs of the Army and their equivalent ranks in the Navy and Air Force. The boys were prepared for the Army Special Certificate of Education Examination. The instructional staff then were drawn from the Army Educational Corps. On Republic Day 1950, the school was renamed King George’s Military College. In July 1952, the school was re-organised along the lines of residential public schools. Admissions were thrown open to the sons of service officers as well as Civilians. The boys switched over to the Senior Cambridge Certificate Examination and the condition that all boys should join the services was dropped. The school was simultaneously renamed King George’s School. In 1963, the school was affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi and the boys switched over to the Higher Secondary Examination conducted by the Board. On 1 January 1966, the school was renamed Belgaum Military School, Belgaum. In January 1998 the prefix ‘Belgaum’ was dropped and the School was re-designated Military School, Belgaum. The primary aim of the school is to prepare students for the All India Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school also prepares boys who wish to join the Indian Armed Forces for the entrance examination of National Defense Academy. Boys between the age of 10–12 years are eligible for admission to school from Class VI onwards.
The school has an area of 64.13 acres (259,500 m2) which in addition to the buildings includes 14 playgrounds like cricket, football, hockey, athletics track, baseball, volleyball, swimming pool, squash court. The school buildings include Main Office Block, Boys Hostels, Cadets Mess, Academic block, Temple and Old Assembly Hall, New Assembly Hall, Gymnasium, QM Stores and Canteen, MI Room and Staff Accommodation.
School Routine

A Normal day of the cadet starts with morning P T / parade under the strict guidance of qualified PT instructors from Army Physical Training Corps. This, followed by a wash and change and the breakfast, is a run - up for the classes that begin at 0900 hrs. Classes run up to 1450hrs with one short interval ,and lunch served centrally.

The time after 1450hrs is used very creatively and fruitfully under the guidance of the staff. All the cadets take part in games from 1530hrs to 1645hrs. After a short break, students go for their classes for doing homework or remedial classes for weak cadets under the guidance of academic staff. On Saturdays, cadets are engaged in club activities and in pursuit of hobbies. The dinner at 2000 hrs. is the last organized, mass activity of the cadets. Cadets are free to pursue their studies even after dinner and are expected to go to sleep latest by 2330h.

Contact Information

RMS Belgaum Address : Camp, Belgaum.

Email Id : princirmsbgm@gmail.com

Phone No : 0831 - 2407531 / 0831-2402845

Website Link : http://www.militaryschoolbelgaum.edu.in/